A Divine Appointment

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Kevin (not his real name) grew up on a small farm in a small village with his parents and a brother and sister. Kevin became the 2nd person from his village to ever earn a master’s degree.

Though he did not play soccer at all growing up, he began watching it on TV during his college years and acquired respect for a soccer player named Ka Ka. After hearing that Ka Ka was a Christian, he grew in curiosity about Christianity and eventually ordered a Bible from the internet.

Not long after buying the Bible, Kevin failed the exam required for entry into the Ph.D. program at our university. He was in despair as he could not retake the test for another year. For reasons he still doesn’t understand, this circumstance caused him to have a belief in God.

He had one full year to do nothing but prepare for the test and figure out life. During this time he stumbled through the books of Genesis and Matthew and went a few times to a government-sanctioned church that he later says he got a strange feeling from.

My first interaction with Kevin was about 3 weeks before his re-test date. I was making friends with students on campus that day and walked onto the soccer field where Kevin was kicking a soccer ball by himself. It turned out to be his second time ever being on a soccer field. After kicking the ball with him for a few minutes, I got his phone number and said goodbye.

After a few weeks, I was scrolling through my phone contacts and saw a name I didn’t remember. It was Kevin’s. We met up and I asked him if he had ever heard of the Bible. He said he had one and that he believed it was the words of God. I asked him if he considered himself a Christian, and he told me that no one had ever told him how to become one.

We spent a couple hours going through Scripture on how to be righteous before God through Jesus, and on Jesus’ words of counting the cost of following him. Kevin decided then that he would follow Jesus.

We soon connected Kevin with other believers at a Bible-believing house church. He loves it. The following week he went to his hometown for a few days and shared about God and the Bible with his family the best he knew how. His sister has since found a Bible and is reading it to learn more about Kevin’s new faith.

Update: Since we originally posted this story, Kevin’s sister has now placed her faith in Jesus Christ! Kevin has become a multiplying disciple all because Lance committed to being intentional with his semester studying abroad. Oh, and by the way, Lance also transferred 22 credits back to his home university….now that’s a productive semester!