Carrying the Gospel to South Asia

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Nate is a business student at Kansas State University who just returned from studying abroad on mission in South Asia. He has had a heart for South Asia for a long time, but summer opportunities never really worked out for him. So, he decided spending a semester advancing God’s Kingdom while furthering his education was the perfect fit and was thrilled by the fact that it gave him five months (rather than five weeks) to build relationships, learn about the culture and share his faith with new friends!

“The best thing about a study abroad program is we do things together all the time…I’m always dialoguing with others who have a very different perspective,” Nate said, “I believe God has really given me an opportunity.”

God certainly did give him an incredible opportunity and Nate was very intentional to take advantage of it. Local students and others on his study abroad program saw how he lived his life differently and they wanted to know why, so he just kept sharing the gospel with them.