Everywhere You Go

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It’s always a little bittersweet when students decide to study abroad. Kim, now a UNC sophomore, started leading within our Cru ministry last spring. She went on a Cru spring break trip to Chicago and we were enjoying seeing her grow through Cru.

When Kim made the decision to study abroad in Lithuania for the fall semester, she wanted to keep growing while away from UNC. So she asked Mark if Cru existed in Lithuania. He helped connect her to the Lithuanian staff working in the capitol city of Vilnius.

These Agapé staff (the name Cru uses in Europe) picked Kim up from the airport, helped her get to her city and invited her back for some conferences and retreats over the semester.

At some of the conferences they attended Kim got to share the gospel with Lithuanians and grew in her confidence in talking with others about Christ. Although there wasn’t an Agapé group at her university, Kim and her roommate Sarah (the only other American) were focused on talking to their international friends about Christ. They conducted Sunday church services using sermon podcasts and worship music and had a Christmas celebration. Several of the students they built relationships with were from countries where it is difficult to share the gospel.

Kim returned to UNC this semester more eager to reach her UNC classmates and the students on the floor where she is a Resident Assistant. She’s been an instrumental part of planning our weekly meetings and a large outreach we had in February. A few weeks ago she shared her story at our weekly meeting and encouraged her peers to tell others about Christ.

So really, it was sweet to see Kim leave for the semester, not bittersweet. God worked greatly while she was gone and continues to do great things through her here at home. Thanks for the part you play in helping us reach students at UNC and sending them to the world! Your financial giving and prayers are vital to our work.