Not just me, but my family knows about Jesus.

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Sarah: While I was studying abroad (in the Middle East), I took a language course, and in that language course met a Mongolian friend on one of our tea study breaks. He explained to me he had a friend interested in spiritual topics who was just hungry to talk about God and religion. And so I got to meet this friend, Batzorig, through him.

Batzorig: Instead of believing in God and trusting him, I believed in myself, and I always tried to do everything on my own. So I always believed in my own strength and power, and that used to bring me a lot of pressure and stress and anxiety. It brought me big relief to know that God has done so much for me, so He is the perfect one.

Since I met Sarah, I started to go to church, and after one year I decided to become a believer. I wanted to share this grace and this love of God with the closest people in my life, so I started to pray about my family. And it was like, praying for one year, and nothing big happened – and then like two years, and three years.

But then one day I was reading my Bible, and my family and especially my sisters came, and they were curious about it. So, then I started to share about the Bible and the gospel and I invited my family, like everyone in my family, to our Mongolian church one day. We came to church as the whole family for the first time, and they really liked it. And then after a few weeks, they just decided to become believers as well. So, that was a great work God has done in my family through me.

Sarah: God taught me to live purposefully while studying abroad. Every day I could go to class or go on campus and know that I could be the first Christian someone meets, and someone that can be Christ to them, and live it out - just be Christ to them. And so, that was a great calling and a great purpose while studying abroad.

Batzorig: I am so thankful to God that he brought Sarah abroad, to study, so that I could know about Jesus. Not just me, but my family also knows about Jesus.