A Changed Life Down Under

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Here I am, studying abroad in Perth, Australia all the way from Berea College, Kentucky—already a blessing itself; but I am here also studying abroad with Cru. When I decided to study in Perth, Cru was not officially in Western Australia. As my time grew closer to leave, I spoke to someone at our winter conference who told me that Power to Change was pioneering in Perth for the first time during the semester I would be there— another blessing!

It’s almost the end of my time here, and it has been a phenomenal experience. I have seen so many places, done so many things, and met so many people. A large portion of my time and focus was on Power to Change (Cru’s name in Australia) and their purpose to launch their Perth movement. PTC is currently only launching two campuses in Perth, which unfortunately neither are mine, but because of this, I am able to say that my personal ministry has grown.

I believe that my ministry growth started before I even made it to Australia, when I was working through the “Four L’s and an E” article. Initially, I wrote the letter to Jesus and prayed that I could lead one life to surrender to Christ. When I got here, I was really surprised by the spiritually dry atmosphere and the university life in Perth. In Berea I am surrounded by a large Christian support group. In Perth, on the other hand, I have befriended many non-believers and have few Christian friends outside of PTC. But because of this new experience, I was able to lead my new friend, Callie, back to Christ by simply being her friend and witnessing to her.

God had already put her on my heart early in the semester, so I kept notes of what I felt God was wanting me to tell her. One day, she messaged me after class asking if I could meet with her to help her pray (she knew I was Christian before) because she was going through a difficult time. At this point, I had an assignment due the next day worth 40% of my grade, but I knew this was a God moment and that I needed to sacrifice my night to meeting with her. When we met, I shared the things God had revealed to me and the Knowing God Personally booklet with her. At the end of the booklet, she read the prayer and wanted to accept Christ and did so with me, there, and with her own prayer to receive Christ. After we prayed for a while, she told me that she already felt that her negativity was waning. Since then, we have continued to meet every week for bible studies together.

The main take away I have for my semester is that personal ministry can simply be living as a Christian witness to your peers. They watch you, they know you, and if you really have Christ living in you, they will see him, too! Nothing is more admirable than our Savior living through us.

After working with PTC for the last few months, it excites me for the next time I get to come back to Perth and see where they have gotten. There are so many other testimonies from the six months of their movement, mine only one small piece! I am so thankful that Cru was able to connect me to this new movement and that God answered my prayers that I would have a Christian community while in Australia.