From Columbia to Canada

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Cru Study Abroad is not just for American students. In fact, it is an opportunity for Christians from any country to go as student missionaries to any other country in the world! Recently, European, Asian and Latin American students have carried the gospel with them and proclaimed Christ boldly while studying abroad in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and even North America.

One of these students is Jose who studied at Sherbrooke University in Canada last fall.

“A few days ago, a Swiss friend whom I am living with asked if I had time to share some ideas about a philosophy class he is taking. Apparently he chose John’s Gospel to explain love in culture from a Biblical worldview. We shared some ideas related with the meaning of love and sacrifice. As our conversation progressed, I had the opportunity to listen to his story, including how he is trying to return again to the foundation of his faith not only for himself but for helping others to engage in it.

After a while, I realized we spent four hours talking about a bunch of things related to meaning, purpose, discipleship and missions. Indeed, it wasn’t a coincidence. It was a divine appointment through which I knew God was speaking to me exactly what he wants me to do during the rest of my time in this country.”

Jose consistently trusted God to build a lasting student movement of spiritual multiplication on his campus. Instead of only focusing on his studies and enjoying the new culture he found himself in (although he certainly did do those things), he committed himself to making an eternal impact.